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Deliverance and Damnation


Deliverance and Damnation

Black Library Novella Series 3 Collection

From the return of the Soul Drinkers to revolution in the underhive, experience five incredible stories that encompass Warhammer 40,000, Warhammer Age of Sigmar, and Necromunda across five novellas packed with outrageous action and deadly perils.

In these tales, you'll discover what it takes to escape an ork prison, how a name can hold a deadly legacy, and much more!

Taken prisoner by orks and forced to build an effigy to their alien gods, Marcus van Veenan plots his escape for the Imperium must be warned of the growing greenskin threat.

On the isolated world of Kepris, a Primaris Space Marine Chapter deploys to break the bloodthirsty cult that rules the world. But will this new Chapter's name spell its doom? After all, the universe has never been kind to the Soul Drinkers…

The Order of the Bloody Rose unleash the Emperor's wrath upon hereteks across a corrupted forge world – but something terrifying lurks within the planet's darkness.

For generations, Arbitrium has given up the bone tithe to the skeletal servants of Nagash. Now, with a lodge of Fyreslayers coming to their aid, they might finally be able to break the cycle of servitude and forge their own destiny.

Civil war wracks the House of Chains, and Goliath fights Goliath. For the ogryn Breaker Brass, this is an opportunity to free himself from slavery and forge his own destiny in the underhive.

Experience all these tales in this collection of five novellas.

Prisoners of Waaagh! by Justin Wooley
Traitor by Deed! by Ben Counter
The Rose in Anger! by Danie Ware
Bonereapers! by David Guymer
Spark of Revolution! by Gary Kloster

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