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Dark Adeptus


Dark Adeptus

Book 2 in the Grey Knights series

Captain Alaric and his fellow daemonhunters are trapped on a planet full of Chaos-tainted Adeptus Mechanicus and their monstrous technological creations.

The Grey Knights return, facing a unique and horrific foe that blend flesh, metal and daemon into something that must be destroyed... Are the Grey Knights up to the task?


One hundred years ago, the forge world of Chaeroneia disappeared amidst rumours of corruption and civil war. Now it has returned and the once teeming factory planet is now a silent sentinel floating through space. Is it an empty tomb or a foul nest of Chaos? That is the question facing Captain Alaric of the Grey Knights. The elite daemon hunters are charged with a new mission; to investigate Chaeroneia, determine the presence of any daemonic influence and terminate with extreme prejudice. However, nothing can prepare even the Grey Knights for what they find on the planet's surface. One hundred years of isolation has corrupted the engineer-priests of the Adeptus Mechanicus beyond all imaginings, and their monstrous, possessed machines prowl the surface like predators. In order to complete their mission, the Grey Knights must rely on their faith, and trust a ghost lurking in the machine!

Written by Ben Counter

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