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The Last Son of Prospero

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The Last Son of Prospero

A Horus Heresy short story

His body ravaged by the flesh-change, Thousand Sons sorcerer Revuel Arvida clings to life by the merest thread. And even if Malcador the Sigillite can save him, what will remain?

His Legion may be traitors, but Revuel Arvida has proved himself among the most loyal of the Emperor's servants, bringing himself to the point of destruction in defence of the Imperium. What will his fate be?

The Thousand Sons sorcerer Revuel Arvida guided his White Scars kinsmen through all the horrors of the ruinstorm, even though the psychic exertion almost killed him. Now on Terra, he clings to life by the merest thread, his body ravaged by the curse of his Legion - the insidious flesh-change. The primarch Jaghatai Khan demands that Arvida be saved, no matter the cost. But even if such a thing were possible, what would remain of his mind and soul?

Written by Chris Wraight

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