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The Grey Raven

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The Grey Raven

Day 7 of Advent 2016
A Horus Heresy short story

Returning to Terra, the Librarian Balsar Kurthuri of the Raven Guard must face judgement for breaking the Edict of Nikaea, even if it turns all of his erstwhile allies against him.

After a shocking twist in 'Weregeld', the Raven Guard Chief Librarian returns to Terra to face judgement. Will his unerring loyalty to his primarch be punished, and if so, what does that say about the the Imperium the Sigillite is working to build?

Balsar Kurthuri of the Raven Guard has always followed his primarch's orders. When the Edict of Nikaea forbade psykers within the Legions, he returned to the line squads without a second thought. When the Warmaster's treachery became known, he gave freely of his powers. Now, as the war appears to be entering its final, grim stages, at Lord Corax's command he must return to Terra to face judgement for the apparent crime of unswerving loyalty…

Written by Gav Thorpe

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