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Lord of the Red Sands

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Lord of the Red Sands

A Horus Heresy short story

Angron slaughters friend and foe alike amidst the ruins of Isstvan III. However, it is not for honour or vengeance that the gladiator-primarch fights, but freedom from tyranny...

Brace yourself for an unforgettable insight into the insane rage that drives the savage Primarch Angron. On a blood-soaked battlefield of Isstvan V, he reveals his rightful purpose for rebelling against the Emperor and his plans for vengeance. This is a unique story from the tortured mind of an uncontrollable madman who has a grudge to settle - no matter the cost.

Angron, gladiator-primarch of the XIIth Legion, is renowned across the galaxy for his savagery and brutal martial code. But amidst the ruins of Isstvan III, even as he slaughters his own wayward sons, he finds a unique serenity in the carnage of warfare... no matter whose blood he spills. And for what does the Eater of Worlds hunger above all else? Nothing more than freedom.

Written by Aaron Dembski-Bowden. This story is also available in The Imperial Truth and Angron.

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