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The Gates of Terra

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The Gates of Terra

A Horus Heresy short story

Amongst the asteroid bases of the Ardent Reef, Captain Arcadese of the Ultramarines commands the last ring of defence against Horus' fleet bound for Terra. Will he hold the line?

This is it – the final battle for the fate of the Imperium begins. Or so it seems. The truth might surprise you as the defenders of Terra prepare to make their stand.

As the Heresy spreads across the galaxy and confusion reigns, only one thing is certain: Horus and his traitor Legions will eventually strike at Terra. But he will not find it unguarded – the Ardent Reef, an encircling ring of gun bastions and asteroid bases, is but one amongst many such lines of defence. Captain Arcadese of the Ultramarines finds himself in command of a host of his battle-brothers, as the renegade Warmaster's fleet launches its final assault on the Throneworld. Will he hold the line even in the face of almost certain death, or will his own loyalty waver in those final moments?

Written by Nick Kyme.

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