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The Face of Treachery

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The Face of Treachery

A Horus Heresy short story

Starships clash above Isstvan V as the Raven Guard arrive to rescue their primarch. But the enemy are waiting and all their fates rest with a single Space Marine on a rebel ship.

It bridges 'Raven's Flight' and Deliverance Lost, showing the trials of Commander Branne's fleet as it tries to rescue the primarch Corax from the Isstvan system. And it shows once again that the Alpha Legion are simply everywhere...

The Raven Guard have arrived at Isstvan V to rescue Corax and other survivors of the treacherous Dropsite Massacre, but the enemy still encircle the world. As starships clash in fierce void war and the life of a primarch hangs in the balance, the key to victory lies in the hands of one Space Marine in the rebel fleet, a warrior who is not what he appears.

Written by Gav Thorpe. This story also appears in Age of Darkness, book XVI of the Horus Heresy series.

The audiobook version has a running time of 52 minutes and is read by Jonathan Keeble.

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