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The Lion


The Lion

A Horus Heresy novella

Fighting a daemonic incursion within their fleet, the Dark Angels stumble into a conflict between the Iron Hands and Death Guard. Which side will they choose in the coming battle?

The Lion is finally forced to choose as a side as the Iron Hands and Death Guard come to blows over a mysterious artefact. And when he claims it for his own, the Dark Angels primarch sets his Legion on a course that will haunt them for ten thousand years.

With their crusade against the Night Lords reaching its height, the Dark Angels find themselves thrust into a new battle. Beset by daemons and forced to choose between two brother Legions, the Lion's loyalties will be tested and a secret will be discovered that could change the face of the war, and the destiny of the Dark Angels Legion.

Written by Gav Thorpe. This story is also available in The Primarchs, book XX of the Horus Heresy series.

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