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Time of Legends


Book 2 of the Legend of Sigmar

Sigmar has united the tribes of men and founded a mighty empire – but no sooner has it been created than it faces its first test, as the forces of Chaos emerge from the cold north to destroy the world of men.

For the first time (but far from the last…), Sigmar faces the followers of the Dark Gods in an epic novel of triumph and treachery that forms the middle act of Graham McNeill's saga of the God-King's origins.

Having driven back the orc invaders, Sigmar unites the tribes of men and founds the Empire. The fledgling empire grows, but its prosperity is not assured. The lands are still wild and untamed, and many enemies lurk in the forests and the mountains. When a Chaos invasion sweeps down from Norsca, the ensuing conflict tests the abilities of Sigmar and his chieftains to the utmost.

Written by Graham McNeill