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The Absolution of Swords

The Horusian Wars

The Absolution of Swords

A Story of the Horusian Wars

On the Ecclesiarchy world of Dominicus Prime, heresy runs rampant – but Inquisitor Covenant and his warband have come to cut the poison out as only the Inquisition can.

It's a prequel to John French's forthcoming Horusian Wars novel 'Resurrection' and gets into the heads of a couple of the inquisitor's warband, as well as showing his ruthless efficiency – his enemies certainly don't expect the Imperial Inquisition…

Heresy lurks within the Ecclesiarchy world of Dominicus Prime. In the sprawling temples and cloisters of the Crow Complex, once-pious priests have turned from the Emperor's light and embraced the darkness of the Tenth Path. But no longer, for Inquisitor Covenant and his hand-picked retinue of warriors, rogues and savants – heroes all – have come to cleanse Dominicus Prime of the taint that infects it. But as they enter the sprawling complex in search of the leaders of the insidious cult, danger closes in around them…

Written by John French

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