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With Ice and Sword

The End Times

With Ice and Sword

A short story of The End Times

The north has fallen. Kislev is no more. But hope remains… A band of hunted refugee is joined by a knight of the Empire on a very important mission - to locate the Ice Queen!


Graham McNeill returns to some of his classic characters and explores the myths and legends of Kislev in a bittersweet tale that perfectly reflects the temperament of the northern warriors and provides some closure on a much-loved part of the Warhammer World.

The End Times are coming. The north has fallen. Kislev, that proud nation that for centuries has stood as a bulwark between Sigmar's Empire and the hordes of Chaos, is no more. Scattered refugees seek to survive in the icy wilderness, hunted by beastmen and Chaos Warriors. One such band is joined by a knight of the Empire on a very important mission: to locate the Ice Queen, if she still lives, and deliver her to the Emperor.

Written by Graham McNeill

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