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Bride of Khaine

The End Times

Bride of Khaine

A short story of The End Times

In the city of Har Ganeth, the Hag Queen Hellebron and her champion, Tullaris Dreadbringer, try to keep order as the city is invaded by the forces of Chaos. But when an evil plot threatens to tear them apart, each must decide where their loyalties lie.

This is a tense thriller that forms a bit of prequel to The Curse of Khaine and Deathblade. It supplies dark elf assassins around every corner, sacrificial ceremonies on stand-by and a love story that's as twisted as the lead characters: Hellebron, the hag queen, and her lover Tullaris Dreadbringer.

The End Times are coming. In the dark elf city of Har Ganeth, witch elves and Executioners fight running battles in the streets against the blood-mad servants of Khorne, commanded by Tullaris Dreadbringer, the herald of bloody-handed Khaine. As Death Night approaches, the Hag Queen Hellebron prepares to reclaim her youth and vigour and join the fray, but sinister forces seek to prevent her, and only Tullaris stands between her and death – but will he aid her or let her enemies claim her head?

Written by Graeme Lyon

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