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Sanctus Reach

Space Marine Battles

Sanctus Reach

A Warhammer 40,000 anthology

The orks descend upon the worlds of the Sanctus Reach and all the Imperium's defences deploy to stop them, from the agents of the Officio Assassinorum to the savage might of the Space Wolves.

Waaagh! Ahem, sorry, got carried away. This collection contains tons of tales set during the ork invasion of the Sanctus Reach, including a first from Black Library, a novella told entirely from the point of view of the orks themselves... As well as that, these tales chart the death of a Space Marine Chapter, inquisitors and assassins on secretive missions and the thorny issue of what to do when Ragnar Blackmane gets lost in his rage and endangers his brother Space Wolves.

The Red Waaagh! has come to the Sanctus Reach. Grukk Face-Rippa, an ork warboss as cunning as he is brutal, leads a mighty invasion force to Alaric Prime and its sister worlds. As the earth shakes beneath their assault, the warriors of the Astra Militarum, the noble Imperial Knight houses of Alaric Prime and the savage Space Wolves lead the counter-attack – and Grukk faces a threat from within his ranks as Big Mek Mogrok plans to oust him and take control of the Red Waaagh! for himself.

Penumbral Spike, Black Gulch, Blood on the Mountain and Iceclaw by Ben Counter.
Evil Sun Rising and Klaw of Mork by Guy Haley.
The Fall of Hive Jensen by Josh Reynolds.
Death Mask by Cavan Scott.

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