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Hammer and Bolter: Year Two

Hammer and Bolter

Hammer and Bolter: Year Two

Hammer and Bolter is Black Library’s monthly fiction magazine. Each issue is packed with short stories, serialised novels, interviews, previews and more. This eBook collects the entire second year of Hammer and Bolter, including 35 short stories from the worlds of Warhammer and Warhammer 40,000 and the serialised novel Gilead's Curse.

Hammer and Bolter: Year Two contains the following short stories:

Reparation - Andy Smillie
Dead Calm - Josh Reynolds
Lesser Evils - Tom Foster
Hunted - Braden Campbell
The Burning - Nick Kyme
The Tilean’s Talisman - David Guymer
In the Shadow of the Emperor - Chris Dows
Beneath the Flesh - Andy Smillie
Torment - Anthony Reynolds
The Pact - Sarah Cawkwell
Redeemed - James Swallow
The Shadow in the Glass - Steve Lyons
Vermilion - Ben Counter
Stromfels’s Teeth – Josh Reynolds
The Iron Without - Graham McNeill
The Oberwald Ripper - Laurie Goulding
Slayer of the Storm God - Nathan Long
Irixa - Ben Counter
Thunder From Fenris - Nick Kyme
In Hrondir’s Tomb - Mark Clapham
The Talon of Khorne - Frank Cavallo
Lords of the Marsh - Josh Reynolds
A Mug of Recaff - Sandy Mitchell
The Shadow of the Beast - Laurie Goulding
Dead Man's Party - Josh Reynolds
Born of Blood - Sarah Cawkwell
The Mouth of Chaos - Chris Dows
The Butcher's Beast - Jordan Ellinger
Fireborn - Nick Kyme
Leechlord - Frank Cavallo
Bloodline - James Swallow
Let the Great Axe Fall - Graham McNeill
The Hunter - Graeme Lyon
Necessary Evil - Rob Sanders
The Rite of Holos - Guy Haley

Plus the serialisation of Gilead's Curse by Nik Vincent and Dan Abnett and the serialisation of Gav Thorpe's Horus Heresy novella.