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Hammer and Bolter: Issue 23

Hammer and Bolter

Hammer and Bolter: Issue 23


Hammer and Bolter is Black Library’s monthly fiction magazine. Each issue is packed with all new short stories, serialised novels, previews and more.


  • Bloodline - James Swallow - Blood Angel Sergeant Rafen is on the verge of death, torn apart by a raging torrent within him – the raw power of the blood of Sanguinius.
  • Gilead's Curse (Chapter 9) - In the latest installment from Dan Abnett and Nik Vincent, the adventures of Gilead continue. Will the insidious skaven undo all for which he has so recently fought? 
  • Let the Great Axe Fall (Part 1) - The legend of Sigmar is far from over! Joining forces with the dwarfs led by Alaric the Mad, the first emperor encounters Krell - resurrected Chaos champion and lieutenant of Nagash himself. The first of a two-part story from Graham McNeill.
  • The Hunter - New author Graeme Lyon brings us a short but disturbing tale. In the forests of the Old World, hideous beasts venture further and further into the ancestral homeland of 'the Hunter'. Armed with blade and bow, he stalks the woodland in pursuit of revenge...
  • Necessary Evil - Inquisitor Czevak returns in this short story from Rob Sanders. Wandering the webway with the mysterious Atlas Infernal, he uncovers a grim secret in the colony of Perdition's Landing, deep within the Eye of Terror.

In this issue, stories from James Swallow, Rob Sanders and Graeme Lyon as well as part one of 'Let the Great Axe Fall' by Graham McNeill and chapter nine of Gilead's Curse by Nik Vincent and Dan Abnett.