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The Hand of Harrow


The Hand of Harrow

A Necromunda story

Caleb Cursebound needs to steal an artefact from a private uphive museum. Sounds easy… but overconfidence is dangerous.

Enjoy a fast-paced adventure that throws danger and excitement your way, along with twists and turns that'll leave you dizzy.

Caleb Cursebound is the underhive's ninth most-wanted man… so what is he doing uphive? With his ratskin companion Iktomi by his side, he's taking on a job that seems easy, and has a high reward. All he has to do is break into Lord Harrow's private museum and steal an artefact. No problem at all for someone who faces deadly gangers, vengeful bounty hunters and all the horrors of the underhive on a daily basis. Or so Caleb thinks…

Written by Denny Flowers

This story can also be found in Inferno! Volume 4

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