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Astra Militarum

Legends of the Dark Millennium

Astra Militarum

A Legends of the Dark Millennium anthology

The soldiers of the Astra Millitarum are mankind's first line of defence against its many foes. With numbers, tanks and brave heroes, they protect the worlds of the Imperium. Collected here are stories of some of those heroes, including Commissar Yarrick and Lord General Creed.

Commissar Yarrick, Colonel Straken and Lord Castellan Creed take centre stage in eight tales of the ordinary men and women of the Imperium's armies - including a trilogy of tales featuring Creed and his Cadian Eighth, leading up to the Battle of Tyrok Fields, where the general took command and forged his legend. See exactly what he did to earn the title of Lord Castellan as he saves Cadia from disaster and ruin.

For ten thousand years, the massed armies of the Astra Militarum have defended the Imperium from the multitudinous horrors that seek to overwhelm it. With guns and tanks, determination and courage, these human soldiers fight across a thousand war zones, in a war that has no ending. This anthology showcases some of the most famous regiments of the Astra Militarum along with their charismatic commanders, heroes such as Commissar Yarrick and Colonel 'Iron Hand' Straken.

Chains of Golgotha, Evil Eye and Sarcophagus by David Annandale
Bloodlord by Braden Campbell
Straken: A Hero's Death by Toby Frost
Last Step Backwards, Lost Hope and The Battle of Tyrok Fields by Justin D Hill

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