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Gotrek & Felix


Book 1 of The Doom of Gotrek Gurnisson

Felix Jaeger, now living with his family in Altdorf, is drawn back into his life of adventure when an old friend is captured by a monstrous foe. But where is Gotrek, and will he be able to help?

This is the start of the final chapter in the story of Warhammer's original heroes. If you've followed the story so far, you won't want to miss this, and if you haven't, then all you need to know is that some of Warhammer's greatest heroes must battle against an entire army of trolls!

Gotrek and Felix: unsung heroes of the Empire, or nothing more than common thieves and murderers? The truth perhaps lies somewhere in between, and depends entirely upon whom you ask…

Once companions on the greatest of adventures, Gotrek and Felix have long since gone their separate ways. Felix, married and settled, secretly craves the excitment of his youth. And when the opportunity arises, Felix embarks upon what might be his final journey. As the chaos of the End Times engulfs Kislev, Gotrek and Felix are reunited, battling the hordes of the Troll King alongside Ulrika, Snorri and Max. But when long-hidden secrets are revealed, these old friends will be torn apart, and not all of them will leave Kislev alive...

Written by David Guymer

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