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Ciaphas Cain: The Anthology

Ciaphas Cain

Ciaphas Cain: The Anthology

A Ciaphas Cain Anthology

This book brings together 13 uproarious short stories and one novella, focused on Ciaphas Cain, Hero of the Imperium. His stories are celebrated as heroic propaganda pieces, but he’s simply trying to stay alive in a hostile galaxy.

Ciaphas Cain doesn’t mean to be a hero – he just can’t seem to help it. While trying to escape certain death, he somehow achieves unlikely victory after victory in the wildest and most dangerous warzones of the galaxy, to hilarious effect.

Ciaphas Cain is a true hero. Brave, stalwart, uncompromising, a cool head under fire… or is he? His legend has spread far and wide, but only Cain himself knows the truth behind his long and storied career.

Until now.

Inquisitor Amberley Vail once more delves into the Cain archive to present a selection of the man’s greatest and strangest exploits. From Cain and the Valhallan 597th hunting down the source of a warp-tainted infection that threatens to overwhelm the world of Lentonia with a starving horde of undead, to his early years with the Valhallan 12th Field Artillery fending off a tyranid invasion on a barren mining world, to the mysterious death of a fellow commissar that sees Cain’s life at risk (once again) as the killer’s attention turns to him…

This anthology contains the novella Old Soldiers Never Die and the following short stories:

- Fight or Flight
- The Beguiling
- Echoes of the Tomb
- Sector Thirteen
- Traitor's Gambit
- A Mug of Recaff
- The Smallest Detail
- The Little Things
- Last Night at the Resplendent
- The Bigger They Are
- The Only Good Ork
- Three Questions
- Rotten to the Core

Written by Sandy Mitchell. Narrated by Stephen Perring, Penelope Rawlins, Emma Gregory, and Phillipe Bosher. Running time 10 hours, 28 minutes (approx).

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