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Hammer & Anvil

Adepta Sororitas

Hammer & Anvil

An Adepta Sororitas novel

When an mission of Sisters return to a desolate world to reconsecrate a remote Ecclesiarchy outpost, they soon discover an implacable foe – the fearless, soulless necrons – waiting in the darkness…

One of the all-time classic Warhammer 40,000 battles is the massacre at Sanctuary 101, where Sisters of Battle were decimated in the first appearance of the necrons. And this novel delves into what happens next, pitting the devout Sisters against the metal aliens in a rematch.


The Sisters of Battle are the Emperor's most devout worshippers, fierce warriors preaching the purity of the Imperium and scourging their enemies with bolter and flamer. On a distant world, the Ecclesiarchy outpost of Sanctuary 101, was wiped out by an implacable foe - the fearless, soulless necrons. Now, a mission of the Sisterhood has returned to reconsecrate the site - but the metallic nightmares still lurk in the darkness, guarding a secret that has lain dormant for millennia. A vicious battle will be fought - one that can only end in the total destruction of the unrelenting xenos, or the annihilation of the proud Sororitas.

Written by James Swallow

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