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Sons of the Emperor


Sons of the Emperor

A Primarchs Anthology

The primarchs, nigh-immortal sons of the Emperor of Mankind, take the stage in a series of short stories showcasing some of their great deeds and hideous acts from across the Great Crusade and the Horus Heresy.

Whether you see them as heroes, villains, or victims of the Emperor's machinations, these tales will give you a different perspective on a host of primarchs – including Angron, Vulkan, Magnus the Red, and Horus himself.

From their shadowed origins to the desperate battles that ensued when half of their number rebelled against their father, the sons of the Emperor – the vaunted primarchs – were among the mightiest champions of the nascent Imperium, warriors without peer, and heroes whose actions became legend. Whether you seek the angel Sanguinius, who confronted the dark nature of his bloodthirsty Legion, or mighty Vulkan, whose connection to humanity set him apart amongst his brothers, or dour Perturabo, architect, inventor and murderous warlord, or even Horus Lupercal, whose shining light was eclipsed only by the darkness that grew within his soul – this anthology covers eight of the primarchs and their greatest, darkest, deeds.


The Passing of Angels by John French, featuring Sanguinius
The Abyssal Edge by Aaron Dembski-Bowden, featuring Konrad Curze
Mercy of the Dragon by Nick Kyme, featuring Vulkan
Shadow of the Past by Gav Thorpe, featuring Lorgar
The Emperor’s Architect by Guy Haley, featuring Perturabo
Prince of Blood by L J Goulding, featuring Angron
The Ancient Awaits by Graham McNeill, featuring Magnus the Red
Misbegotten by Dan Abnett, featuring Horus Lupercal

Narrated by Christopher Tester. Running time 7 hours, 6 minutes (approx).

Free Extracts: