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The Wayward Tale


The Wayward Tale

A Fyreslayers Short Story

The Fyreslayers are a culture of duardin whose entire existence revolves around battle, renowned for their short tempers and unrivalled skill with the axe. Many believe these grizzled mercenaries are little more than avaricious barbarians, for they will fight for any who meet their price in gold. The truth is stranger by far…

Learn the truths of the Fyreslayers as spoken in the final words of an ancient and noble warrior.

Eldra Wolfsmane and her Astral Templars track down the Darkoath and battle their foe for revenge. Amidst the fighting the glowing light of a Fyreslayer emerges from the forest and joins the fray. As the Darkoath Warqueen is finally slain we hear the Fyreslayer pass on his final tale of his lodge before he too passes.

Written by Jeremy Lambert.

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