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The Nameless


The Nameless

A Cities of Sigmar Short Story

The ethereal Nighthaunt are terrifying spectres driven to murder by their bitter hatred for the living. These undead are the terror weapon of the Great Necromancer, Nagash, united under the cruelest and most tortured rulers ever to die.

Uncover the unknown and the forgotten as, with no memory of their past, an entire town attempts to piece their shattered lives back together, even as they face off the forces of Death.

A man wakes in a foreboding Shyishan settlement, having lost all his memories, along with everyone else in the town. As a throng of Nighthaunt linger on the boundaries of the settlement, held back by some mysterious force, the man must gather what allies he can and ascertain what strange, magical affliction has befallen the town and its people. Unsure if he can trust anyone, even himself, he must contend with dark forces and hidden enemies if the mystery is to be unravelled and he is to make it out alive.

Written by Hal Wilson.

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