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A Cities of Sigmar Short Story

The shadowy and mysterious Order of Azyr is a Sigmarite organisation of witch-hunters, bounty-hunters, and zealots dedicated to the rooting out and purging of evil across the Mortal Realms.

Mysteries, intrigue, the threat of Chaos, and more – journey with the agents of the Order of Azyr as they investigate strange events and do their best to steer a town's fate away from darkness.

Vorena of the Order of Azyr and her fellow Witch-Hunters investigate a spate of ritual killings in a Ghurish town. Amid suspicion from the locals, Vorena must unravel the tangled web of Chaos that infests the town while suppressing the bestial spirit that threatens to rise from within her; all while the townsfolk prepare for a festival in which the land itself will be bled to feed the populace.

Written by Christopher Allen.

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