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All is Foretold


All is Foretold

A Seraphon Short Story

The Cities of Sigmar are embattled metropolises founded by free mortals across every one of the realms. These disparate alliances of humans, duardin, aelves, and even ogors battle not only to survive, but to muster grand expeditions and establish new strongholds in Sigmar’s name.

It's a gripping tale of resistance against the odds as the desperate populace and ragged defenders of the Free City of Whitemist attempt to resist a terrifying Seraphon force that is determined to wipe their city from the map.

Setrima leads the Reclaimed contingent in the fledgling city of Whitemist in Ulgu, and her people face ridicule and persecution from the Azyrites for their ancient beliefs. As the Seraphon descend upon Whitemist, intent on eradicating the city as dictated by their Great Plan, Skink Starpriest Xetakti is plagued with doubt. Both Setrima and Xetakti must take extreme measures to avoid catastrophe as Whitemist faces a reckoning.

Written by Alexander Dan Vilhjálmsson.

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