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Champions of the Mortal Realms

Warhammer Age of Sigmar

Champions of the Mortal Realms

A Warhammer Age of Sigmar anthology

Explore the Mortal Realms in four action-packed novellas that will take you from the treacherous Bone Desert where Gotrek Gurnisson seeks his fabled lost axe, to the edge of Chamon where disgraced Freeguild soldiers face a terrifying foe.

These four stories are the perfect way to enjoy a variety of fiction from the Age of Sigmar – each is long enough to be a fully fledged adventure, but short enough to allow you to move onto the next sooner rather than later!

Across the war-torn lands of the Mortal Realms, each day is a struggle for survival. Some cower behind the walls of vast citadels, while others hide in forgotten corners, hoping to remain unnoticed. But, in rare souls, the potential for greatness arises. Individuals who will be remembered throughout the ages for their deeds, their names stamped into the annals of history. Some, like Darkoath Warqueen Vedra the Sworn, must do battle with the blood-crazed warriors of Khorne even while deceit and treachery festers at the heart of her forces. Others, such as the ruthless Fleetmaster Arika Zenthe, must complete an impossible task to halt the inexorable empire-building of her hated father. At the edge of Chamon, disgraced Freeguild Captain Byrun Hess finds his new posting filled with ill-disciplined, almost heretical soldiers, but discovers that the true danger comes from an unexpected and terrifying source. While in the wastes of the Bone Desert, the heroic Gotrek Gurnisson embarks on a quest to find the mighty axe of Grimnir but finds himself beset by an ancient enemy.

Warqueen by Darius Hinks
Heart of Winter by Nick Horth
The Red Hours by Evan Dicken
The Bone Desert by Robbie MacNiven

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