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The Long and Hungry Road

Warhammer 40,000

The Long and Hungry Road

A Tyranids Short Story

The tyranids devour everything before them – consuming all life upon each world in their path. They are a threat to every sentient species in the galaxy, and their numbers are ever growing…

It's a rare glimpse into the inner workings of the tyranid hive mind, as its invasion engages the human defenders of a doomed world.

To face a tyranid invasion is a waking nightmare. The skies darken with spores, your mind echoes with alien screeches, and countless weapon-organisms descend upon you with razor teeth and claws.

How much greater would your horror be, to realise that the hive ship above thinks nothing of your fate – that it crushes your resistance and devours your home on instinctual stimulus-response alone, seeking nothing more than the calories your world will yield? Witness a planet consumed, through the eyes of those who defend it – and through the blind, hungry gaze of its conquerors.

Written by Adrian Tchaikovsky.

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