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The Devouring Void

Warhammer 40,000

The Devouring Void

A Tyranids Short Story

The tyranids devour everything before them – consuming all life upon each world in their path. They are a threat to every sentient species in the galaxy, and their numbers are ever growing…

Take a trip upon a Black Ship, and learn there are fates worse than being taken to the Imperial Palace on Holy Terra.

The infamous Black Ships ferry imprisoned psykers to Terra from across the Imperium, to feed the astronomican. When one Black Ship drifts too close to the edge of a hive fleet's warp-shadow, it finds itself stranded in realspace and under alien assault. With the situation dire, a dangerous imprisoned psyker offers to help their Inquisitorial captors – but dare they release the witch? And if so, will they willingly go back under lock and key?

Written by Danie Ware.

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