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Warhammer 40,000


A Tyranids Short Story

The tyranids devour everything before them – consuming all life upon each world in their path. They are a threat to every sentient species in the galaxy, and their numbers are ever growing…

See how the T'au Empire copes with the Great Devourer, and learn whether technology or teeth come out on top.

Takka is part of an advanced, elite strike force, formed by the T'au Empire to track and eliminate tyranid vanguard organisms. When searching for evidence of tyrannic infiltration in the jungles near the O'tash'var, a deadly ambush leaves many of Takka's cadre dead. To safeguard their sept, he and his remaining crew will have to venture into the deadly jungles, in pursuit of unknown prey…

Written by Nicholas Wolf.

Free Extracts:

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