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Inferno! A Warhammer 40,000 Collection


Inferno! A Warhammer 40,000 Collection

A Warhammer 40,000 Short Story Collection

In this anthology, you'll find 31 stories from the grim darkness of the far future. First published in Inferno!, there are fresh yarns from your favourite authors, plus debut stories from up-and-coming Black Library luminaries.

Inferno! has long been a home for sensational Warhammer short fiction, and has acted as proving ground for many up-and-coming Warhammer writers, many of whom have gone on to become household names. In this collection of short stories set in the grim darkness of the 41st Millennium and previously published in Inferno!, you'll find thrilling tales from established novelists including Adrian Tchaikovsky, David Annandale, and John French, as well as newer Warhammer writers like Marc Collins and Gareth Hanrahan.

Raised in Darkness by Adrian Tchaikovsky
The Exorcism of Karsa V by Matt Smith
Vova's Climb by Noah Nguyen
The Stuff of Nightmares by Steve Lyons
The Last Knight (Part 1) by Gavin G Smith
The Last Knight (Part 2) by Gavin G Smith
Respite's End by Marc Collins
Castle of the Exile by Gareth Hanrahan
Best Death Wins by Sean Grigsby
No Quarter by Rob J Hayes
The Karsharat Abomination by George Mann
Firstborn Exile by Filip Wiltgren
Journey of the Magi by Jonathan Green
Green and Grey by Edoardo Albert
Where Dere's da Warp Dere's a Way by Mike Brooks
Blackout by J C Stearns
The Spirit of Cogs by John French
City of Blood by Matt Smith
Empra by Nate Crowley
The Weight of Silver by Steven B Fischer
The Emperor's Light by Rob Leahy
The Thirteenth Psalm by Peter Fehervari
What Wakes in the Dark by Miles A Drake
Solace by Steve Lyons
Turn of the Adder by J C Stearns
The Unsung War by David Annandale
No Hero by Peter McLean
The Emperor's Wrath by Steven B Fischer
The Enemy of My Enemy by Nate Crowley
The Firstborn Daughter by Filip Wiltgren
Mercy by Danie Ware

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