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The Smallest Detail

Sandy Mitchell

The Smallest Detail

A Ciaphas Cain short story

The 'simple' task Jurgen is sent on by Ciaphas Cain proves to be nothing of the kind... Just how much will the aide tell his master about what really happened?

It's a tale focused on Commissar Cain's malodorous aide, Jurgen. The galaxy's shabbiest Valhallan gets to show what he's made of as he tracks down the source of a criminal enterprise – in his own inimitable way.


It's always the little things... That's certainly the case for some Imperial Guardsmen who're scamming supplies from the Munitorum. And in this case, one of the little things in question is Jurgen, aide to the heroic Commissar Cain. All he wanted was some supplies for his boss, but he noticed a small detail and both he and his new enemies are going to get a lot more than they bargained for.