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Legacy of Russ

Robbie MacNiven

Legacy of Russ

A War Zone Fenris novel

Fenris is besieged, and the Space Wolves – with some unlikely allies – battle daemonic invaders across the system. When contact is lost with the Chapter Master, are the Space Wolves doomed to destruction?

READ IT BECAUSEIt's the continuation of the most exciting event to hit the Warhammer 40,000 universe in ages – discover what happened after the end of 'War Zone Fenris: Curse of the Wulfen' in a series of short stories that pit the Space Wolves against their most ancient and hated foes in a battle for their very survival, and lead into the events of the second campaign book, 'Wrath of Magnus'…

Logan Grimnar is dead - or so the children of the Dark Gods say. While the Great Company of Egil Iron Wolf scours the underworld of Midgardia for signs of the High King, the entire Fenris System is beset by a daemonic incursion of vast proportions. Caught off guard, the Space Wolves fight like the heroes of the of sagas to stave off endless tides of warpspawn. When ships from over a dozen other Space Marine Chapters arrive in the war zone, however, it is unclear whether they will be the saviours of the sons of Russ or their executioners. Rumours have reached the ears of the highest Imperial authorities that the Space Wolves are harbouring dangerous mutants within their ranks - savage genetic aberrations that many consider to be no better than the creatures of the Empyrean. As the line between friend and foe becomes dangerously blurred, the Wolves of Fenris must fight not only for their Chapter's existence, but it's very soul.

Written by Robbie MacNiven

The contents of this book have been previously published as a series of eBook short stories. The included titles are: 'The Lost King', 'The Young Wolf's Return', 'Lying in Flames', 'The Broken Crown', 'Infurnace', 'Wolf Trap', 'The Wild King' and 'Fate Unbound'.

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