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The Darkness of Angels

Rob Sanders

The Darkness of Angels

Part five of the Space Wolves Quick Reads series

Escaping from the dark city of Commorragh, the Space Wolves are pursued by xenos pirates intent on recapturing them. As they fight off the aliens, a secret about Krom Dragongaze's new ally comes to light that might put the sons of Fenris in even more danger...

A daring rescue, a dramatic chase and an unexpected intervention – there's enough action and drama here for a feature film, all crammed into a Quick Read!

With Wolf Lord Krom Dragongaze and many of hs kin fighting for their lives in the Dark City of Commorragh, things look bleak for the Space Wolves and their mission to find Logan Grimnar. As Ulrik the Slayer enacts a daring rescue plan, Krom breaks out... but when they are pursued by vengeful dark eldar, it may take a miracle to save them from destruction. A miracle... or the intervention of their old rivals, the Dark Angels.

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