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Sigmar's Blood

Phil Kelly

Sigmar's Blood

The prequel to the End Times!

When darkness falls across Sylvania, Grand Theogonist Volkmar leads a holy crusade to finally cleanse the land of the vampiric taint that haunts it. But when he is drawn into a trap, Volkmar realises that the situation is worse than he could possibly imagine…

It's the tale that kicked off The End Times, with the beginnings of Mannfred von Carstein's plot to resurrect Nagash. It all starts here…

A great darkness has fallen over the land of Sylvania, and monsters are abroad... When an artefact of unholy power and evil is stolen from the Imperial Palace itself, Grand Theogonist Volkmar leads a crusade of the faithful into the benighted realm of the vampire counts to confront and destroy the source of the darkness: Mannfred von Carstein. With the aid of an embittered witch hunter and a senile old wizard, Volkmar faces the dread forces of the undead even though he knows it means his own end...

Written by Phil Kelly

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