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Sons of the Forge

Nick Kyme

Sons of the Forge

A Horus Heresy novel

Charged by his primarch with removing the mighty power of Vulkan's cache of deadly artefacts from the grasp of friend and foe alike, the first Forgefather embarks on what might be his final mission.

Nick Kyme expertly bridges the Salamanders' past and future with a tale that shows the secret origins of the Chapters's ten thousand year long quest to retrieve Vulkan's fabled artefacts.

Charged with a solemn duty by the primarch himself, Forgefather T’kell of the Salamanders prepares for what may well be his final journey. Along with a chosen few of the Legion’s elite Firedrakes, he must bear the last seven of Vulkan’s greatest weapons away to the secret vault known as the Wrought, putting them forever beyond the reach of treacherous enemy and well-intentioned ally alike. But word has already spread of these legendary artefacts, and there are many who would see T’kell’s endeavour fail for their own gain – the Salamanders must remain true, no matter what horrors they might face...

Written by Nick Kyme

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