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Matthew Farrer


An Eldar Harlequins short story

Eldar harlequins begin to suffer from a breakdown in reality as they experience memories that are not their own.

Faces takes you behind the Harlequins' masks into the dark side of their psyche. It's a chilling and fervent place – not somewhere you'd want to stick around for long. A terrifying scene here will make you not want to cross paths with this deadly alien foe.


The harlequins of the eldar are mysterious and enigmatic, even by the standards of that aloof race. When one of their number begins to experience memories that are not her own, and another life begins to bleed into their reality, the entire troupe is threatened. Can they find the source of the disturbance and stop it before it is too late?

Written by Matthew Farrer. This story also appears in the anthology Fear the Alien.

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