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Hollow Beginnings

Mark Clapham

Hollow Beginnings

When the Space Wolves arrive to help break the siege of an Ork fortress, their Astra Militarum allies are overjoyed – but is the Space Marines’ mission the same as their own?

When ordinary humans meet Space Marines, they usually feel a mixture of awe and dread at the superhuman heroes. In this case, the latter might be justified, as the Astra Militarum think the Space Wolves have arrived to save them, but in fact, they might be in much more danger from the sons of Fenris than from the orks they're fighting...

For twenty years the ork warboss Stumpgutz has been terrorising the Alixind System. At last an Imperial taskforce has managed to corner him in his lair, a town-sized fortress. As the Astra Militarum close in, the desperate greenskins fight ever harder, and despite the Imperium's best attempts, casualties mount to unsustainable levels. When a force of Space Wolves arrives and heads straight for the fortress, the soldiers of the Guard are overjoyed. But is the mission of these mysterious warriors the same as their own?

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