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The Battle of Tyrok Fields

Justin D Hill

The Battle of Tyrok Fields

An Astra Militarum story

The hordes of Chaos are gathering, and the Imperium musters on Cadia to meet them. But when treachery strikes, it falls to Ursarkar Creed to save the day at Tyrok Fields.

It's the classic tale of Ursarkar Creed's greatest moment, told in depth for the first time!

Every hero has a moment that defines their legend, a battle that sets them on the path they are meant to walk. For Ursarkar Creed, that moment is here. Cadia itself is under threat – the hordes of Chaos emerge once more from the Eye of Terror, and the forces of the Imperium muster to meet them. But on Tyrok Fields, an act of base treachery, spurred on by an old enemy of Creed's, will change everything and provide General Creed a chance to prove his worth once and for all, and embrace his destiny as Lord Castellan of Cadia.

Written by Justin D Hill. This story first appeared in Legends of the Dark Millennium: Astra Militarum.

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