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A Trick of the Light

Josh Reynolds

A Trick of the Light

A Space Wolves story

Lukas the Trickster, scourge of friend and foe alike, descends into the ice caverns of Fenris and faces a beast of legend that may be a match for the Space Wolf: the dread doppelgangrel.

It's the tale of how Lukas the Trickster, that most mischevious of Space Wolves, got the pelt he wears. And with it being by Josh Reynolds, it's a tale of malicious mayhem, deadly combat and dark humour.

A name lives in infamy amongst the Space Wolves of Fenris, not a foe but rather one of their own brotherhood, the Blood Claw, Lukas Strifeson. The Trickster. The Jackalwolf. He has ever been vainglorious, boastful and irreverent, even before his apotheosis to Sky Warrior. His quest for the Canis Helix takes Lukas deep into the ice of Fenris where krakens and bone-numbing cold await. Of all the hazards the death world has to offer, none are as deadly as the fabled doppelgangrel. Fate smiles poorly on Lukas when the beast gains his scent and his true trial to become a Space Wolf begins…

Written by Josh Reynolds

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