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Death's Head

Josh Reynolds

Death's Head

A Necromunda story

Lothar Hex is an underhive legend, a killer of consummate skill whose record is nothing short of terrifying. When Goliath ganger Topek Greel seeks him out, nothing other than death and mayhem can await…

Josh Reynolds turns his hand to Necromunda, pulling in a bit of near-forgotten lore from bygone days to fuel a frantic and fearsome tale.

There are few names in Necromunda's underhive that inspire as much fear and dread as that of Lothar Hex. An assassin of unparalleled skill, known as the Widowmaker, his tally of kills is impressive. Rebellious gang leaders, guilders and even the entire populations of small settlements have fallen to his uncanny skills. To cross his path is to court death. So why is Topek Greel, a Goliath ganger, seeking him out? The answer is sure to come with a large helping of blood-soaked mayhem, plenty of murder and Hex's traditional calling card, the Death's Head.

Written by Josh Reynolds

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