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Guy Haley


A Blood Angels story

High Chaplain Astorath of the Blood Angels travels to the world of Asque, where a brother of the blood has succumbed to the Black Rage. It falls to the Redeemer of the Lost to find and end the lost warrior, and to complete the mission he began.

Astorath is one of the most terrifying and fascinating heroes of the Blood Angels, and this tale shows him about his grisly work, and delves into exactly what it takes to be the one to end the suffering of his cursed and tortured brothers.

As High Chaplain of the Blood Angels, it is the role of Astorath to bring peace to those of the blood of Sanguinius who have fallen victim to the Black Rage. Wherever they are, whatever their mission, when the curse takes them, Astorath will come. He comes now to the world of Asque, a place of towering fungal forests – and nightmares. A force of Blood Angels have saved the people of Asque from the grip of monsters, but one among them has been gripped by madness. Astorath must hunt and bring peace to this benighted warrior, as befits the Redeemer of the Lost.

Written by Guy Haley

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