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Sky Hunter

Graeme Lyon

Sky Hunter

An eldar short story
Episode two of the Carnac Campaign

As the deathless necrons swarm across the maiden world of Carnac, the destonies of two warriors of Alaitoc – a nihilistic Crimson Hunters exarch and a death-fearing spiritseer – entwine... and their fate may be that of Carnac.

There's plenty of action as the eldar engage the necrons on the ground and in the air, with the fate of Carnac in the balance. But there's also an intriguing mystery. Just why is the exarch Keladry seeking death. What is he fleeing from? And how far will he go to achieve oblivion?

As the necrons continue to spread across the maiden world of Carnac, the war takes to the skies. Keladry Ragefyre, nihilistic exarch of the Crimson Hunters, seeks his death in glorious battle against the unliving enemy, while Maireth Voidwalker, spiritseer and pilot of a sorcerous Hemlock wraithfighter, seeks to avoid her own fate, which has been written in the stars. As the two pursue their own agendas, the fate of Carnac itself is imperilled…

Written by Graeme Lyon. This story is also available in the collections The Carnac Campaign and The Eldar.