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David Guymer


Could the key to the mystery of the missing Chaos god lie in an ancient temple? A Slaaneshi warband think so, but there are a group of seraphon defenders who might just teach them the error of their ways.

One of the great mysteries of the Age of Sigmar is just what happened to Slaanesh... and it's as much a mystery to the god's servants as to readers. We can't say you'll find out the truth in this story, but you'll certainly get some insight into what it's like when your god stops answering your prayers.

A far-wandering Slaaneshi warband are led by an oracle to an ancient temple where a shadow of their lost god is said to dwell. The temple is not undefended, however, and they use all their skill to prise the truth from the ancient stones and their seraphon protectors.

Written by David Guymer

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