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The Fall of Malvolion

Dan Abnett

The Fall of Malvolion

An Astra Militarum story

It's a race against time as the disciplined Mordian Iron Guard hold the line against the menace of the tyranids – can they survive long enough for their comrades to evacuate a doomed world?

It's a classic short story by Dan Abnett, plucked from the Black Library archives and presented as an eBook for the first time!

For Trooper Karl Grauss, there are no better fighting men in all of the Imperium than the vaunted Mordian Iron Guard. The epitome of martial discipline and grim determination there is no a foe that cannot best with force of arms… until the tyranids. In the rich and fecund surroundings of an agri-world, Grauss and his comrades make their stand. But against this voracious xenos breed there can be no victory and as the evacuation gets underway life is measured in minutes not hours. Can he survive long enough to escape the alien menace? Can anyone?

Written by Dan Abnett

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