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Chris Dows


Sergeant Zachariah of the Elysian 158th takes on his most dangerous mission ever as he leads his drop troops in a battle in the skies against deadly foes: Chaos Space Marine Raptors.

It's man against twisted, corrupted Space Marine in the heart of a warp-funnelling monolith. A handful of Imperial Guardsmen take on a host of deadly Raptors in a fight to the finish.

On the world of Ophel Minoris, a warband of Chaos Space Marine Raptors has laid siege to the mysterious Monolith structures that dot the surface. Their purpose is unclear. The local Astra Militarum defenders have been overrun, and their distress call for reinforcements has been answered by Sergeant Zachariah of the Elysian 158th. Doing what they do best, the drop troops under his command will take the fight to the enemy on the ground or in the skies themselves, if needs be...

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