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One Bullet

Ben Counter

One Bullet

Part one of the Deathwatch Quick Reads series

The Imperium's elite alien hunters blaze into action across a series of stories showing Space Marines from various Chapters who have served with the Deathwatch, and their various trials and tribulations as they fight mankind's enemies. First up: the Ultramarines.

A hero of the Ultramarines before he was famous... Chaplain Cassius kicks ass and takes names as a newly-promoted Chaplain eager to prove himself amongst a load of veterans who think they know better than him. Find out what he was like before he got obsessed with tyranids and see the Ultramarines in a new way.

Engaged in a campaign against the hated greenskins, the Ultramarines bring their righteous fury to the manufactorum city of Skemarchus. Veteran warrior Vael Donatus is hailed as a hero by the young firebrand Chaplain Cassius for employing the expertise of his brethren only recently returned from the hallowed ranks of the Deathwatch. But as the final assault draws near, the judicious and practical methods of the Sternguard seem incompatible with Cassius' own – can the fate of a world really be decided by just one bullet?

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