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The Flesh of the Angel

Ben Counter

The Flesh of the Angel

Part three of the Deathwatch Quick Reads series

Entrusted with a vital mission for the Deathwatch, Zameon Gydrael of the Dark Angels faces a difficult – and deadly – choice when he crosses paths with one of the Fallen.

It's not easy being a Dark Angel. Keeping all those secrets is tough enough even amongst other Dark Angels, but in the Deathwatch, it can be deadly. When Gydrael spots a Fallen in the midst of a vital alien-hunting mission, his decision to place Chapter above duty probably isn't going to end well for him... or anyone else.

While engaged in a mission to destroy sslyth breeding grounds and stall their invasion of Imperial territories, Zameon Gydrael encounters an ancient foe of the Dark Angels Chapter – one of the legendary Fallen.

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