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Daemon World

Ben Counter

Daemon World

A Chaos Daemons novel

Deep in the twisting tides of the warp, the daemon world of Torvendis is wracked by war as Lady Charybdia, daemon princess of Slaanesh, clashes with Space Marines of the Word Bearers.

It's a Black Library classic (originally published in 2003, in fact) and provides an unparalleled insight into the madness of the daemon worlds of the Eye of Terror – as you'd expect from master of Chaos Ben Counter.

On the daemon world of Torvendis, deep in the heart of the warp storm known as the Malestrom, ancient rivalries threaten to shatter the delicate balance of power, currently held by the Lady Charybdia, daemon princess of Slaanesh. When the warriors of the Word Bearers arrive on the planet, hunting one of their own, the traitor Karnulon, monstrous forces are unleashed that could tear Torvendis apart.

Written by Ben Counter

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