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Death's Shepherd

Andy Smillie

Death's Shepherd

A Flesh Tearers short story

A Chaplain of the Flesh Tearers leads a rag-tag band of rebels on the world of Zurcon. But will they find atonement in victory for the sins of their fellow Zurconians?

It's a brief, but memorable, tale that shows the dark, uncompromising side of the Flesh Tearers.

Years ago, the now long dead Chapter Master of the Flesh Tearers, Amit, did cleanse the Zurcon system in the name of Cretacia and the Emperor. It has taken centuries, but Zurcon has again turned to heresy. A Chaplain leads the rebellion against the traitors, a force comprised of Zurconians still loyal to the Throne, turning his rage on the betrayers and every soul who has erred in his duty.

Written by Andy Smillie

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