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The Stromark Massacre

Warhammer 40,000

The Stromark Massacre

A Space Marine Battles Audio Anthology

The Flesh Tearers and Angels Encarmine compete to pacify the rebellious worlds of the Stromark system in their own blood-soaked ways, in this pair of linked audio dramas.

Terror Nihil and From the Blood are a pair of action-packed audio dramas that form a linked story featuring the Sons of Sanguinius, perfromed by a full cast along with sound effects.

The Stromark system has fallen into rebellion, and the Sons of Sanguinius have been sent to end the conflict and return the system to the Emperor's light. On Stromark Prime, the Flesh Tearers descend with their most feared warriors - the bloodthirsty Death Company - to tear the heart from the rebellion. But as the murderous Space Marines rampage through Stromark Prime's palace, the world's governor may hold their fates in her hands. Meanwhile on Stromark Secundus, the Angels Encarmine send down a force of veterans to despatch any remaining resistance. But how can these ancient warriors survive in a radioactive wasteland? And why have they not been deployed for more than a millennium?

Terror Nihil is written by C Z Dunn. From the Blood is written by Andy Smillie. Produced by Black Library and Heavy Entertainment. Performed by Sean Barrett, Tim Bentinck, Jane Collingwood, Jonathan Keeble, and Saul Reichlin. Running time is 90 minutes (approx).

The Stromark Massacre includes original scripts for both audio dramas, a colour map of the Stromark System circa M.41, and full colour cover art in a ZIP file.

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